Hello, I'm Jelena. I'm an early-career librarian, currently working in the Freedom of Information Office at the Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change as a Freedom of Information Analyst. I am also an operator with Scholars Portal's Ask a Librarian service where I provide virtual reference and research services to members of Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) institutions. 

I most recently worked a term as a Chemistry Librarian at University of Toronto. In this role, I managed the library, offered reference services and instruction, and negotiated contracts to help students in their studies and research.

I am interested in how libraries can support their communities and empower them in their information needs. I am particularly interested in digital initiatives, social media, instruction, special collections, interdisciplinary education, online communities, and open culture. 

I strive to be a librarian in every workplace and to help people become confident and conscientious researchers in their professional and personal lives!





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Professional development

Teaching Fundamentals Certificate (Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation, University of Toronto), completed April 2016.

Research Data Management & Sharing (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill & The University of Edinburgh, Coursera), completed November 2016. Click here to view certificate

Copyright for Educators & Librarians (Duke University, Emory University, & The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Coursera), completed January 2019. Click here to view certificate

Copyright for Multimedia (Duke University, Emory University, & The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Coursera), ongoing.



Current research interests: equitable knowledge/participation; open culture; academic librarianship; government information

An article exploring the internet, free speech, and online harassment, especially as it pertains to gender-motivated doxing and "one-to-many" speech.

  • A. Clarkson, J.L.M. King, J. Stankovic. (2016). The Variorum Hamilton and Other Annotated Rap Editions: A Bibliographical Perspective on RapGenius, iJournal, 1(1), 1-8.
    Click Here to Read the Article

This paper looks at the bibliographic capacity of RapGenius and the general potential of collaborative bibliography to foster broader participation and interdisciplinary perspectives.

  • Jelena Stankovic. (8 Dec. 2015). Uploading Memories: Community Engagement Guide for Digitization. Poster presented at Faculty of Information Practicum Exhibition, University of Toronto.
    Click Here to View the Poster

Project completed for OurDigitalWorld. Guide is used by communities to help digitize local history through digitization events. Updates and Improvements include: real-world examples; assessment guide; sections on Creative Commons and crowdsourcing; design updated.



  • Jelena Stankovic and Marisa Maharaj. (30 Nov. 2018). FOI Inside Out: Librarians Working in Freedom of Information. Presentation at Government Information Day Conference. Toronto, Ontario.

  • Jelena Stankovic, Stephanie Sanger, Alison Wetheral. (31 Jan. 2018). Meandering with Purpose: Navigating Precarious Early-Career Librarianship. Presentation at the OLA Super Conference. Toronto, Ontario.

  • Jelena Stankovic. (31 Mar. 2017). The Manager? Me? Lessons from an Over-Zealous New Librarian. Lightning talk presented at the SLA Management and Leadership Conference, Toronto, Ontario.

  • Jelena Stankovic. (9 Mar. 2016). LARPing in the (Academic) Library: Engagement, Exploration, & Gaming in Higher Education. Poster presented at Defying Conventions iSchool Student Conference, Toronto, Ontario.


  • (Upcoming) How to Free (Government) Information: Getting What You Want from Your FOI Request. (19 March 2019). To be presented as part of the Partnership Education Institute webinar series. Co-presenters: Marisa Maharaj and Daniel Gouthro.

  • Who Do I Call for That? Experiences from Early-Career Library Management. (4 May 2017). Presented as part of the Education Institute Bright Young Minds Series.



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