How to Free (Government) Information - Get what you want from your FOI request (Webinar)

This was originally presented on March 19, 2019 as part of the Partnership’s Education Institute webinar series. For more information about the webinar, please click here!

Having the unique combination of experience in librarianship and Freedom of Information (FOI), my co-presenters, Daniel Gouthro and Marisa Maharaj and I wanted to introduce people to FOI and how to think about the request.

We are not FIPPA experts but have all worked as FOI Analysts, reviewing records and recommending disclosure decisions. While this isn’t an exhaustive look at access and privacy laws and the FOI Process, we hope that this information will be useful as a starting point for FOI requests!



FOI Request Resources Handout

Webinar Slides (PDF)

Webinar Slides with Notes (PDF)

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