Who do I call for that? Experiences from early-career library management (Webinar)


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Description: Managing a library always seemed like something that one would work towards, slowly building skills: instruction, collection development, management, and so on. But what about when your position requires all of these skills? And what if this is your first job after graduation?

Library job postings are often dominated by an overwhelming list of duties and qualifications. We discuss a lot of aspects of librarianship that we aren’t prepared for before that first professional position

My first librarian position started 4 days after convocation, covering a research leave at an academic library. The most unexpected part of this was that it was a solo librarian position in a departmental library. This was a major challenge but also the best into-the-deep-end learning experience. After talking with my colleagues at other university libraries, I realized that I was not alone in this solo experience.

So how do you navigate a demanding position with a steep learning curve when you’re on your own? This webinar covered:

  • The challenges of early-career solo librarianship;

  • Strategies for success, including building networks and asking all the "stupid" questions;

  • Success stories and triumphs from my stint as a solo librarian; and

  • How institutions and other librarians can support early-career librarians.